Sure Shut Gate 28Cm Extension

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28cm Gate extension to customize the width of your Lindam Sure Shut Axis safety gate.

A customized fit is always better than a standard one, especially when it comes to baby-proofing. If you need to extend your Lindam Sure Shut safety gate, you can do so with these gate extensions, available in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect fit. These extensions work with pressure-fit safety gates and can be combined to span a variety of opening sizes up to 138cm wide.

Extends Lindam pressure-fit child safety gates.
Metal extensions can be combined to span a variety of openings up to 138cm.
Available in three sizes: 7cm, 14cm and 28cm.
View the extension installation guide to select the right extensions for your opening.

More Information

Standard Lindam Sure Shut:
Min: 75cm
Max: 82cm
With extensions gate can extend to 138cm

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